Move Up To Cordless Hair Clippers With More Power Than Corded

When it’s time to start trimming your own hair and beard — or move up from corded clippers to a cordless hair clipper that will do the job without bogging down or giving out — you should consider some Wahl cordless clippers I recently discovered. They’re the best I’ve found.

What surprised me was that these clippers are even better than the Panasonic corded clippers I’ve been using for the last three years. I didn’t know that cordless hair clippers could exceed the quality and power of a corded model, but now I know.

Let me give you some details.

Wahl Cordless Hair Clippers Review

I didn’t mention the model number, did I? That’s important because all clipper models — even those from the same manufacturer — aren’t the same. I’m talking about the Wahl 79600-2101 Lithium Ion Cordless Clipper — available on Amazon.

Wahl cordless hair clippers

Sharp blades are one of the things that make these clippers stand out. Others I’ve used pull and tug and still leave some hairs uncut, but these have very sharp blades that cut through even my tough hair.

I had always thought that cordless hair clippers would be a step down from corded one, but I’m surprised to find that these are a step up.

You can run these clippers for up to 40 minutes on a single charge, and that’s plenty. Even if you do your head, your beard and a little other manscaping too, that’s enough time to get the job done with a comfortable cushion to spare. And because this unit has a lithium ion battery, the battery doesn’t have a “memory” that causes it run less and less time with each charge.

Also, if you really do have a lot of hair to take care of — or forget to charge them — a 15-minute quick charge will get you 12 minutes of running time without damaging the battery. That’s pretty good.

These cordless hair clippers also include a color instruction booklet with details on how to give yourself or someone else a good haircut — and that’s pretty useful too.

The separate detail trimmer is a nice addition, especially since it’s included for the reasonable price. The extra trimmer runs on a single AA battery and has attachments too.

Wahl claims these have 50 percent more power than their regular clippers, and that seems about right to me. They’re better than any others I’ve tried — and way better than they ones I was using before I heard about these.

Two other nice features are worth mentioning. First, the adjustable head lever allows you to set the closeness of the cut when there’s no guard on the blades. Second, the sleek, elegant design fits in big hands like mine better than some other models I’ve tried.

The main drawback I’ve found with these clippers is what some others would call an asset: there are lots of attachments. It can be a bit overwhelming at first, but you’ll soon find that you only use two or three of them and can put the rest away in a drawer.

Final Thoughts

I never thought I’d have to admit that cordless hair clippers are a step up from the corded ones I’ve been using for years, but these are.

The world changes, and cordless products have become more powerful than ever. That’s due in part to better design and engineering, but the lithium ion battery takes most of the credit.

The Wahl 79600-2101 Lithium Ion Cordless Clipper is a great value — especially since it comes with a bonus detail trimmer. Most of the others don’t come with that. And the bonus trimmer works pretty well and runs seemingly forever on its little AA battery.

If it’s time to move up to some clippers that actually do the job, try these now. They won’t disappoint you — like so many others will.

Click here to see the current discounted price for these cordless hair clippers at Amazon, the best place I’ve found to buy male grooming products online.

Best Beard Styles For Round Faces: There Are Really Only Three

When trying to decide on the best beard styles for round faces, there are only three that deserve serious consideration. The rest just don’t work very well on round faces – and I don’t know why anyone would suggest otherwise.

Lots of us have faces that can benefit from a bit of enhancement. Women use makeup to trick us into thinking their faces are more attractive than they are. Men use beards.

The Best Beard Styles For Round Faces

The best beard styles for round faces are ones that add character without making your face look fatter or wider. You certainly don’t need that. Consider trying all three of these beard styles for your round face:

1. The long beard.

If you have enough growth and can handle the grooming that’s required to maintain an appealing shape, go for a long beard. When you have enough hair, you can sculpt it to the shape you want it with careful trimming – and you can add to your masculinity and sex appeal too. The idea is to add length to the bottom of your face to stretch it out and make it look less round.

You need to keep your sideburns and the sides of your beard in check to make sure you don’t add any width. When you don’t groom the sides enough, a long beard can become wide enough to make your face look even rounder – and that can make you look fat.

2. The close-cropped, highly sculpted beard.

If you’re looking for the best beard styles for round faces like yours and don’t mind shaving and trimming every day to maintain a carefully groomed look, consider a very short, highly sculpted beard. Make sure you don’t trim too high on your jaw line or you’ll make your face look rounder. And don’t cut the cheek line too low either. Keeping the hairs short will keep from adding any bulk or width to your round face too.

Just be careful not to let too much grow on your double chin, if you have one. Having extra beard below the natural chin line looks bad if it bulges out. Also, keep in mind that a beard on a round face changes as you move your head around, so check from all angles and in all positions.

3. The goatee.

The much-maligned goatee isn’t really in style at the moment, but it’s still a great choice. If it looks good on you, what difference does it make if it isn’t in fashion? In fact, it might be the best of the beard styles for round faces overall because it doesn’t add bulk, isn’t too much trouble to care for and it adds an additional focal point to your face. With attention focused around your mouth, the weak jawline and pudgy cheeks that sometimes come with a round face are much less noticeable. And most people find grooming a goatee easier than grooming a full beard.

You can even let your goatee grow a bit long to add some length to your face if you like. A lot of guys look good with a long goatee. And for most guys, going a day or two without shaving when you have a goatee still looks okay. That doesn’t work very well with a sculpted-and-cropped beard.

A Final Word

And here’s another piece of advice if you’re combating a round face: keep your head hair under control too. Long hair doesn’t look good with a round face. If you’re balding, try shaving your head. The reason so many guys have a shaved head with a goatee is that it looks good and is relatively easy to maintain.

If you have plenty of hair on your head, try keeping it cropped close at the sides – even if you have a long beard – to make your head appear narrower and more contoured.

When you take the right actions and invest some time and effort in your appearance, you can make the best of a round face. Remember, there are people who like and are attracted to every kind of body and face – including yours.

When you make an effort, you’ll be surprised how good your round face can look.

Shave Oil: See Where You’re Shaving And Save Your Beard

There’s a big problem with maintaining a sculpted beard with a defined cheek line and neck line: If you use traditional shaving cream to shave the areas of your face where you don’t want your beard, you can’t see what you’re doing.

There are two things you can do to solve this problem: Dry shave with a good quality trimmer or shave with shaving oil that softens your beard and conditions your skin without putting a mess of foam on your face that you can’t see through.

Both methods work well, actually, but for the oil method to work for you, you need the best product you can get. I have a suggestion.

The Best Shave Oil Available

People shave with all kinds of oils from all sorts of sources, and there are many things that work to get an acceptable shave. Almost anything is better than shaving foam, it seems.

the best shave oil I've found
the best shave oil I’ve found

In any case, the best one I’ve found is The Gentlemens Refinery Pre Shave Oil — available from Amazon.

There’s some confusion online about the term pre-shave oil. Some people think it refers to a product that’s used before applying shaving cream as a moisturizer. Others think the term means something to apply before you shave in place of a cream or foam. Actually, you can use this and other similar products either way. It’s a skin conditioner, moisturizer and beard softener that goes down deep to leave your skin hydrated and supple instead of dry and lifeless.

This is especially important if you’re using it to shave the areas around a beard. Those of us with beards are notorious for not taking care of the skin under and around then, and a shaving oil can help you keep the skin around your beard soft and kissable.

I recommend this oil because it’s proven to work well without clogging pores, leaving too much of an oily residue or smelling funky like some competing products do.

Just about any oil will give you a better shave than foam, but why not choose one that’s formulated specifically for this purpose by people who’ve spent time, energy and money developing the best possible combination of substances for the male face?

Perhaps the best thing about this oil product is that it allows for a closer shave than traditional creams. The oil allows the blade to glide across your face without pulls, catches or tugging, and that means every hair is cut closely and evenly. And that means fewer bumps and ingrown hairs too.

A quality product like this may at first seem a bit expensive, but when you consider how little of this shaving oil it takes to do the job and how many uses you can get from a single small bottle, you’ll start to see that it’s actually cheaper than all those cans of stuff that doesn’t work all that well.

It’s also more environmentally friendly because there’s less packaging and no pressurized cans to deal with. Oils are compact enough for travel too.

Some Thoughts To Close

The products you find on store shelves have been developed to make maximum profit for the companies that make and sell them, not to provide the best possible shave. People use them because they’re easy to find and work adequately.

But you deserve better.

Some people say that dry shaving with a high-quality beard grooming tool is the better than shaving with a blade, and that’s fine for them.

But if you want to condition your skin while shaving as closely as possible, you need to consider using a shave oil.

Click here to see the best price available for this shaving oil from Amazon, a company that often provides the lowest price and always delivers quickly.

Choose Great Hair Clippers For Men When You Want To Cut Your Own Hair

Hair clippers for men are a great investment. If you’re like a lot of guys, you’ll eventually figure out that getting your hair cut at a salon when you really just want it short and neat is a waste of money and time. Since you’re probably trimming your facial hair yourself anyway, you might as well cut your own hair.

While you could pick up a pair of clippers at a discount store, when you want to do the job yourself and do it well you need a tool specifically designed for the purpose.

The ideal hair clippers for men who want to cut their own hair are cordless, fully adjustable and very powerful. As it turns out, Philips Norelco makes just the thing. Let me tell you about them.

Philips Norelco Hair Clippers Review

unique hair clippers for men who want to give themselves a good haircut
unique hair clippers for men who want to give themselves a good haircut

When trimming every hair perfectly matters, the best choice is the Philips Norelco QC5570/40 Do-It-Yourself Hair Clipper Plus — available from Amazon.

You can tell by looking that these hair clippers are a step up from other models, which all seem to look alike. This trimmer is something really different. It has a completely adjustable 180-degree rotating head that makes cutting your own hair simpler than it is with those unwieldy clippers designed to make it easy for someone else to cut your hair for you.

That rotating head means you don’t have to contort your arms into weird positions to cut every surface of your head evenly and precisely. It means you won’t miss a spot anymore either. The extra-wide cutting width is a nice bonus because it allows you to get more hair with every pass, too, saving you time and hassles too. There is also a precision trimmer for getting around ears and sideburns easily.

Even better, these hair clippers for men don’t have a cord to get in the way but still work as well as corded models. That’s because of the powerful lithium-ion battery that lasts an hour or more on a single charge. That would never have been possible with older battery types.

A nice upgrade to this model over other models is that these clippers are now fully washable, so you can keep them clean without any hassles. Just run some water over the blades and the combs. You never have to lubricate anything or perform any other maintenance tasks.

A couple of other features stand out: First, the blades and blade guards are skin-friendly, so you’re less likely to get scratches and cuts than you are with less advanced clippers. They follow the contours of your head instead of trying to cut straight over areas that are uneven.

And second, the length of the cut can be adjusted to 13 different settings, making it easy to get exactly the right length for your hair.

Final Thoughts

I’ve been cutting my own hair for years, and it really isn’t that hard to look really good. Plus, you can touch it up anytime — and tidying up the neckline or around your ears is never a problem. I used to never be able to find a salon that could get my hair even, but with only a little practice I can now always do a great job because I know my own hair better than anyone.

And I learned all of that before I learned about these special clippers made for men who want to cut their own hair. Hair clippers for men who want to cut their own hair make looking good, saving money and eliminating hassles from your life really easy.

If it’s time to start cutting your own hair or its time to move up to some powerful cordless clippers that are made especially for the job, try these Philips Norelco hair clippers. You’ll find that this product works better than anything else you’ve tried.

The best price for these hair clippers and the best selection of similar products is at Amazon. Click here to explore your options in men’s grooming equipment.

Sturdy Wahl Beard Trimmer Is So Much Better Than Cheap Plastic Ones

Have you noticed how cheap and light most beard trimmers on the market are? That’s not the case with the sturdy Wahl beard trimmer. It’s like many of the models from other brands aren’t meant to last — or that none of them are meant to be used by real guys who need something powerful and that cuts well to keep their beards looking great.

To put it another way, when you’re serious about having a beard, you need a serious tool to maintain it — and that can be hard to find.

There’s a sturdy Wahl beard trimmer on the market, however, that looks, feels and cuts like a professional-quality tool. It’s a smart choice if you want something substantial to help you maintain perfect facial hair now and for a long time to come.

The Wahl Beard Trimmer Review For Serious Beard Growers

Wahl has been a respected name in clippers and trimmers for decades, but like other brands, they make a lot of cheap models designed to be sold in discount stores. And those just aren’t worth having. But there’s sturdy and serious Wahl beard trimmer that deserves your consideration.

A serious beard trimmer for serious guys.
A serious beard trimmer for serious guys.

The Wahl 9864 Slate Stainless Steel Trimmer — available from Amazon — is made in America and feels like a tool, not a toy. For thousands of men, it’s already proven a reliable device for home and travel use.

This is truly a quality product that features real craftsmanship. It has a stainless-steel body and sharp, rust-resistant stainless-steel blades too. Sharp blades mean fewer ingrown hairs, fewer stray hairs that don’t get cut and a better-looking beard.

And because the blades are thin, you can get accurate lines and tapering. It may do just as well as a talented barber, and it’s sure to do better than anything else you’ve tried. Adjustable blade guides give you plenty of choices on length — and you’ll soon find one that’s perfect for you.

The only problem with this Wahl beard trimmer that I can see is that it can’t be used while it’s charging, but the one-minute quick charge feature is a nice addition to this beard trimmer. And with a modern lithium-ion battery, a single full charge provides more than enough time for even a perfectionist like me to groom my beard closely and accurately. In fact, you can get up to three hours from a charge in most cases.

And I’m not the only reviewer who’s noticed how much quieter this unit is than some others I’ve tried. The solid construction means less vibration and more interior padding to reduce noise, I’m sure.

Final Thoughts

Isn’t it nice when you find a well-made product? Everything on the market today seems designed to use for a few weeks or months and throw away. But the Wahl 9864 Lithium Ion Stainless Steel All-in-one Groomer is made to last. Even better for those who are especially patriotic, it’s made in America (although some of its combs and attachments may not be).

Still better yet than how well it’s made and where it’s made, however, is one simple fact: It works better than just about anything else on the market.

Guys who take being bearded seriously need a good tool to maintain their facial hair. This Wahl model is the best you can get from a name that’s synonymous with great trimmers.

Click here to see the fair deal you can get on this Wahl beard trimmer at Amazon, the site where I get all my beard grooming tools and products.

Build The Best Male Grooming Kit From These Products

A male grooming kit involves many different things, depending on how you look at it — and what grooming means to you. Complete grooming involves more than just keeping your beard looking good. It’s about the little tasks that careful men like you do to keep yourself looking and feeling great. This includes conditioning your hair, maintaining our beard and body hair and trimming and shaping your nails, among other things. It can even involve skin care.

There’s no such thing as a truly complete male grooming kit in one package since good grooming involves so many things. But you can put together everything you need — or everything the man in your life needs — with very little effort.

Gathering Your Lotions And Potions

Whether you readily admit it or not, messing around with lotions and potions designed to make your skin and hair look and feel better is sort of fun. And if you’re reading this site, you must enjoy taking care of your beard and the skin around it. Just about any soap and skin conditioner is fine for most guys, but conditioning your beard requires something special, especially if you want it to grow long and soft. Elsewhere on this site, there’s an article about the best beard conditioner on the market and how you can use it to maintain the best beard ever.

Whether you’re going through a shaving phase or just shaving around your beard, you’ll also want to acquire the best shaving oil you can find, and there’s also an article on this site that explains the top choice.

With those two things ordered, you’re well on your way to a complete male grooming kit.

A Great All-In-One Groomer

Every man — whether you have a beard or just enjoy some stubble now and then — needs an all-in-one groomer, especially if you manscape. The Philips Norelco QG3380/42 Multigroom Pro — a great overall beard groomer and a complete body groomer that I evaluate in another article on this site — is a great machine to include in your complete kit.

With a fun design and lots of tools to handle every kind of male grooming task, it will serve you well for years. And it’s a quality product, so you could be using it for years without any trouble. You may not manscape all the time and you may choose to let your beard grow wild from time to time, but when it’s time for a change or you want to bring things under control for a while, an all-in-one groomer like the Multigroom Pro is something you’ll definitely want to have around, so it should be part of your complete male grooming kit.

To Complete Your Male Grooming Kit…

a great men's grooming set
a great men’s grooming set

To round out your male grooming kit, you need more than just some clippers for your fingernails. Feel better about yourself and take care of all those remaining grooming tasks that separate the men from the boys with the Perry Ellis Men’s 10 Piece Grooming Set — available from Amazon. It has both fingernail clippers and toenail clippers, and it contains eight other essential tools in a zippered carrying case that keeps everything in its place.

Also included are these useful things, most made from durable and long-lasting stainless steel:

  • A lint brush
  • A black plastic comb for either your hair or beard
  • A three-way knife
  • A cuticle pusher to keep nails looking manicured
  • Tweezers for those stray hairs around your nose and ears
  • Scissors to clean up over your ears or get strays from your beard
  • An eyeglass repair kit with the screws you need for a quick repair of any brand

Not only are sets like this really useful and really great to take on the road with you, they make you feel better about yourself because they allow you to be prepared for every grooming situation and always look your best. These tools can also keep you from having to pull out a beard trimmer or get a manicure when you just need a little touch up. You can keep those unruly eyebrows in order too.

When you get the right products for your face and beard, choose a good grooming device that will keep your whole body looking great and get a male grooming kit that includes everything else you need to keep your hair, nails and more looking and feeling great, you have everything you need for a complete male grooming kit.

It may not all come in one package, but it all makes sense if you want to live your best life and always look and feel great.

Click here to see the very affordable price of the Perris Ellis grooming set at Amazon. It just the thing to get your complete male grooming kit started.

Choose The Affordable Mustache Trimmer That Really Works

If you shave most of your face and only need a grooming tool to help you keep your mustache in check, you don’t need the most powerful or versatile groomer on the market. A simple mustache trimmer will serve you well. So what is the best mustache trimmer anyway?

Of course, if you’re like most guys and experiment with other facial hair from time to time, you may want an all-purpose trimmer that will handle whatever kind of facial hair you grow — and not a single-purpose mustache trimmer. Versatility gives you options, and who doesn’t want options?

Since I wrote the first version of this article, most of the single-purpose mustache trimmers have disappeared from the market anyway, leaving you to make a different kind of choice: the choice between a full-featured beard and mustache trimmer and outliner or a much less expensive one.

I’ll tell you about an excellent choice for a trimmer that will cut clean lines around your mustache, goatee or beard, then I’ll tell you about another alternative if a mustache is your thing and you don’t feel compelled to spend your money on something with a lot of bells and whistles.

Either way, life is better with facial hair than without it — and you want yours to look great.

The Versatile Andis Professional Trimmer

I wrote another review about the virtues of the Andis Professional 04603 Outliner II Personal Trimmer — available from Amazon — so I won’t go into great detail about it here. But I will tell you that it’s actually what many professional hair stylists and barbers use for clean necklines and to bring sideburns under control. It’s that good.

A lot of guys use it because it will cut a clean line around their goatee, mustache or beard and it allows for dry shaving. That means that if you want to, you can use this personal trimmer to clean up all your facial hair and forget about shaving forever. I’ve tried using this trimmer in that way, and it works very well.

In fact, overall it works just as it says it does and is a professional-quality tool. You won’t be disappointed if you choose this model as you mustache trimmer. I have to admit, however, that all that performance and convenience comes at a cost. Still, it’s not that much to pay for something that’s much more than a mustache trimmer.

Your Most Affordable Mustache Trimmer Option

More than just a mustache trimmer, this device is affordable too.
More than just a mustache trimmer, this device is affordable too.

As I said, it doesn’t require a powerful tool to keep most mustaches under control.

The Philips Norelco GoStyler Beard and Mustache Detailer — also available from Amazon — is just the thing for guys who sport only a mustache. It includes several simple attachments that make it easy to trim, shape and edge your facial hair.

I like that there’s even a mini foil shaver included so you can get the areas next to your mustache really clean. With some beard and mustache cleaners, getting a nice line and a clean face around your stache simply isn’t possible.

And when last I checked, they were still giving you a two-year warranty with this thing, which is a long time for a low-priced tool that’s so inexpensive you could almost consider it disposable if something goes wrong. And all you need is one AA battery inside; no charger is required.

By the way, of course, you can use this trimmer on your beard as long as you don’t have very thick scruff or try to take off too much length at once. It isn’t very powerful, and it isn’t designed to be hold up under pressure. Still, I’ve seen other reviews where guys say this is the only trimmer that they take with them on the road — even when they’re sporting full facial coverage.

Final Thoughts

I really like the Andis professional beard, goatee and mustache trimmer I mentioned first, but I admit that it’s a serious piece of equipment for guys who are serious about facial hair.

If you want something simpler — and cheaper — that’s great for your mustache and easy to take on the road, consider the Go Styler. It’s lightweight and easy to use, and it’s plenty of machine if it’s only your upper lip that needs trimming.

Click here to see the Amazon price for the GoStyler trimmer. With great service and great prices, Amazon is the place to get all your grooming appliances.