Move Up To Cordless Hair Clippers With More Power Than Corded

When it’s time to start trimming your own hair and beard — or move up from corded clippers to a cordless hair clipper that will do the job without bogging down or giving out — you should consider some Wahl cordless clippers I recently discovered. They’re the best I’ve found.

What surprised me was that these clippers are even better than the Panasonic corded clippers I’ve been using for the last three years. I didn’t know that cordless hair clippers could exceed the quality and power of a corded model, but now I know.

Let me give you some details.

Wahl Cordless Hair Clippers Review

I didn’t mention the model number, did I? That’s important because all clipper models — even those from the same manufacturer — aren’t the same. I’m talking about the Wahl 79600-2101 Lithium Ion Cordless Clipper — available on Amazon.

Wahl cordless hair clippers

Sharp blades are one of the things that make these clippers stand out. Others I’ve used pull and tug and still leave some hairs uncut, but these have very sharp blades that cut through even my tough hair.

I had always thought that cordless hair clippers would be a step down from corded one, but I’m surprised to find that these are a step up.

You can run these clippers for up to 40 minutes on a single charge, and that’s plenty. Even if you do your head, your beard and a little other manscaping too, that’s enough time to get the job done with a comfortable cushion to spare. And because this unit has a lithium ion battery, the battery doesn’t have a “memory” that causes it run less and less time with each charge.

Also, if you really do have a lot of hair to take care of — or forget to charge them — a 15-minute quick charge will get you 12 minutes of running time without damaging the battery. That’s pretty good.

These cordless hair clippers also include a color instruction booklet with details on how to give yourself or someone else a good haircut — and that’s pretty useful too.

The separate detail trimmer is a nice addition, especially since it’s included for the reasonable price. The extra trimmer runs on a single AA battery and has attachments too.

Wahl claims these have 50 percent more power than their regular clippers, and that seems about right to me. They’re better than any others I’ve tried — and way better than they ones I was using before I heard about these.

Two other nice features are worth mentioning. First, the adjustable head lever allows you to set the closeness of the cut when there’s no guard on the blades. Second, the sleek, elegant design fits in big hands like mine better than some other models I’ve tried.

The main drawback I’ve found with these clippers is what some others would call an asset: there are lots of attachments. It can be a bit overwhelming at first, but you’ll soon find that you only use two or three of them and can put the rest away in a drawer.

Final Thoughts

I never thought I’d have to admit that cordless hair clippers are a step up from the corded ones I’ve been using for years, but these are.

The world changes, and cordless products have become more powerful than ever. That’s due in part to better design and engineering, but the lithium ion battery takes most of the credit.

The Wahl 79600-2101 Lithium Ion Cordless Clipper is a great value — especially since it comes with a bonus detail trimmer. Most of the others don’t come with that. And the bonus trimmer works pretty well and runs seemingly forever on its little AA battery.

If it’s time to move up to some clippers that actually do the job, try these now. They won’t disappoint you — like so many others will.

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