Who Has The Best Beard Ever?

There’s a lot of information on this site about beards and other facial hair types — and the proper tools and products to keep your beard looking great — but since the site is called Best Beard Ever, one question keeps coming up: Who really has the best beard ever?

It deserves an answer.

But it’s actually very hard to say because it’s a subjective concept. Some people think color is important — and that red, brown or black is best. Others think a great beard involves great coverage. Still others thing it’s the length that matters. It isn’t a truly great beard, they would argue, unless it’s long, dense and a good color.

But it needs to be well-maintained and on a decent-looking guy or it doesn’t count. Don’t you agree? I’m really not completely sure what I think.

Really, it’s impossible to decide which beard of all the beards in the world is the best ever, but I know which one gets my vote as best among the currently living beard promoters: Jack Passion. His long and massive red beard is a strong candidate for the best beard ever. (Except that it isn’t as long as used to be. He’s actually trimmed it back quite a bit in recent years.)

About Passion And His Book

Jack Passion's massive beard as shown on his book's cover
Jack Passion’s massive beard as shown on his book’s cover

Jack Passion is a musician and professional beard competitor who has made a name for himself by having a very long and really nice beard. His book, The Facial Hair Handbook — available from Amazon in a paperback or Kindle edition — is a no-nonsense and easy-to-read volume with advice on how to get what he has — if, of course, you have the genes and the coverage to make it happen.

Some people are turned off by Passion’s arrogant attitude in the book, but I don’t see anything wrong with a little swagger when talking about your bearded accomplishments. If you have it, there’s no reason not to be proud of it.

The information about what to eat, what to use on your beard and how to grow and maintain a perfect facial mane is still quite good. He clearly knows what he’s talking about.

The book could be longer and more detailed, but I respect the guy for putting this out there without trying to pad it with a lot of unnecessary details and flowery language. I recommend this book to any guy who’s serious about growing a substantial beard that others will take notice of.

You can decide for yourself whether this book is for you or not, but it’s hard to argue that Jack Passion has a great beard — perhaps the best beard ever. If it’s not the best, it’s certainly in the top one percent.

And if you have the color, coverage and guts to grow something massive, you owe it to yourself to try.

For those of us with decent beards that have some issues, we may not be able to have a beard of Jack Passion proportions, but we can have something nearly as good: the best beard we’ve ever had.

All we have to do is grow.

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