Best Mustache Comb Must Be Paired With Great Scissors

A good mustache comb sets you apart from those guys who just let their facial hair grow and see what happens. With the right mustache comb, you can train your unruly hairs to go in the right direction, turning your already-great ‘stache into something really amazing.

But don’t just pick up a hair comb at a discount store. You need something special. Besides, nothing’s cooler than whipping out your mustache comb and tidying up after a meal or some drinks. It just seems right for a guy who’s bold enough to have hair on his lip to be bold enough to carry a mustache comb to keep it perfect.

Mustaches, after all, are partly for your own enjoyment and partly for those with the good fortune to see your face, so make them truly jealous by proving that you know how to keep your facial hair at its best.

Whether you have a beard with your ‘stache or not — and whether you twirl the ends or prefer to keep things looking natural, that hair above your top lip can be a real annoyance and can look really terrible if you don’t keep it in check.

The Best Mustache Comb Available

A great mustache comb and the perfect scissors should come together, as they do on Amazon.

There’s nothing all that special about a mustache comb except how closely the tines are spaced and what comes with it. In the case of the Tweezerman G.E.A.R. Moustache Scissors and Comb — available through this Amazon affiliate link — it’s the scissors that really make the difference.

I actually like to let my ‘stache get a bit wild — sometimes I let the beard get a bit messy too, just for fun — but some of the hairs around my mouth curl under. Unless those are properly brushed to the side or clipped about my lip, my mustache gets to be really, really annoying. This set from Tweezerman keeps both problems under control.

The scissors are very sharp but safe, and the comb is just right for a medium to thick mustache. I haven’t tested it on a thinner one, but other reviewers say it works great for those without heavy growth or for those who groom to a thinner, more sculpted appearance.

I like this set because a mustache comb is useless without some good scissors to help you with your daily or weekly grooming and to allow you to clean up stray hairs that you may have missed. In addition, these scissors are good for cleaning up your beard up around your ears and for clipping eyebrows. You can even use them for your nasal hair, although it’s safer to use special nose hair clippers for that.

The scissors have oversized finger holes to fit large male hands too. Have you noticed that most scissors seem to be made for women and little kids?

While the scissors are probably best left in medicine cabinet or a bathroom drawer, you’ll want to carry the comb with you in your pocket. It’s fun to comb your growth anyway, and this perfectly shaped piece of plastic makes it even more fun.

Some Final Thoughts

A mustache comb is a lot of fun, but it serves a very useful purpose too. The longer you let your facial hair grow out, the more you’ll appreciate having a specially made device for keeping it under control. You can comb your beard with it too. The scissors are what make this set worth the money, however. They’re better than any available at the discount stores around here.

Move up to a new level of personal grooming and show the world that you’re serious about your mustache with the Tweezerman G.E.A.R. Moustache Scissors and Comb. Your ‘stache will look better and feel better too.

These things are really inexpensive. Click here to see the details on this Tweezerman mustache comb and scissors combo at Amazon.

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