A Good Nose Hair Clipper Does The Job Without Hassles

Nobody likes to think about nose hair, but we all have it. For some of us, it’s visible — and that’s gross. As we get older, it only gets worse. So it makes sense to find a nose hair clipper that works, take care of the job and get on with your life.

Taking just a few minutes now to deal with the silly issue of nose hair will allow you to take control of your unwanted hair and get on with your life. Just buy some good nose hair clippers now and get it over with.

There are several popular trimmer models, but I prefer the Panasonic Vortex Wet/Dry trimmer, and I’ll explain why. Small, simple to use and without too many bells and whistles, it’s just the thing for the job.

The Nose Hair Clippers You Need

Trimming nose hair with scissors is dangerous, as you may have already found out. You can cut yourself, leaving a permanent scar. Even worse, you can poke yourself, leaving a painful reminder of your excess hair for days.

But there’s another problem. Lots of nose hair clippers are dangerous too. Either because they’re poorly designed or because they’re hard to use, they can cut, poke or abrade you, causing discomfort that you just don’t need to deal with. Even worse are the ones that pull and pluck but don’t cut much.

My choice of nose hair clippers, available from Amazon.

The Panasonic ER-GN30-K Vortex Wet/Dry Nose and Facial Hair Trimmer— available from Amazon — is designed to keep both nose and ear hair in check, and it does the job admirably, without any nonsense. It’s very light, powerful enough for the simple job and cuts close enough that you don’t have to use it every day.

It can also be washed by revealing the head and running some water over. In addition to allowing you to get the stray hairs out of it easily, this feature means that the trimmer can be used in the shower or when you face is wet from shaving or washing your beard, so you don’t have to worry about when you use this. You don’t have to make sure your face is completely dry as you do with some other kinds of trimmers.

I like that it runs on easy-to-find AA batteries that don’t require replacing very often. That means there’s no charger to keep up with or carry around and no weird battery that you’ll never match. It’s also quiet, so the whole house won’t know you’re trimming your nose or ear hair.

Some people say that a nose hair trimmer makes them sneeze — probably because of the tickle of the device itself or the vibrations — but I haven’t noticed that with this model.


Perhaps the best thing I can say about the Panasonic — is that it works. You can’t say that about everything on the market.

Personal grooming is a chore we all have to deal with, but it makes sense to choose equipment that can handle the job without costing a lot of money or creating more work for us when we have to clean it, charge it or store it.

This Panasonic nose and ear hair trimmer gets the job done. Enough said.

Now, take a look at the very low price on this Panasonic trimmer at Amazon.

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