How To Shave Your Groin Easily And Painlessly

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It’s up to you and your significant other — or the one you’re trying to attract — whether you shave your groin or let it grow naturally. But if you’re a guy wondering how to shave your groin, there is a plan of attack that will get you good results.

Women have been shaving that area for a while now, and it’s caused a lot of guys to want to shave there too. In generations past, guys would have never needed to know how to shave your pubes, but times and preferences change.

It all starts with choosing the right body groomer. Then you plan your attack and proceed with caution. Here’s the recommended way for guys wanting to know how to shave your groin:

Cut to a starting length with your manscaper. Using the body groomer you’ve chosen, trim your pubic hair to the shortest setting. For some guys, this is enough. You may decide that trimmed short with a manscaping tool is plenty short enough. Plus, when you trim short rather than shaving, you don’t have to worry about very much itching or scratchiness as the hair grows back — if you decide to let it grow back.

Use a great razor to shave clean. The Gillette Fusion5 is a smart choice, but in any case, you need to use the sharpest and best razor you can find. This is not the time or place to reuse an old razor or try out something new. Use something that you know cuts well and is dependable. Shave in the shower so your pores are open. That will ensure the safest and easiest cut. Pull loose skin tight if necessary, and apply only light pressure. Whatever you do, don’t try to remove long hair with a razor. Cut it down with a body groomer first.

Think carefully about your scrotum. Maybe you don’t think about your scrotum very often, but it probably has some hair on it. If you’re looking for advice on how to trim your balls, I suggest you try doing that area only with a body groomer first. Once you’re sure you like your razor, you might try using that in the future. But you may find that a shaved scrotum isn’t for you. You just need to make sure you don’t leave long hairs there if you’re shaving or cutting the rest of the area short.

Consider the neighborhood, so to speak. If you’re hairy all over, you’ll look funny with a shaved groin. We can tell you how to shave your pubes, but we can’t tell if it will look good on you. If you have a trail of hair leading to that area, you may want to shave that as well. If you have a hairy stomach and chest, you may opt not to shave your groin but just trim it down instead.

Overall, you want a body that looks good. Learning how to shave your groin won’t serve you well if you’re hairy all over, but having a hairy pubic area when you’re smooth all over doesn’t necessary look that great either. When in doubt, try trimming with a body groomer first. You can always shave after that. Or try shaving sometime when you know that no one will see the results for a while.

When you think about what you’re doing and use the right tools, shaving your pubes can lead to a better-looking body and greater sexual sensitivity. And who wouldn’t want that?

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