Best Shave Oil Makes Shaving Around Beard Remarkably Easy

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There’s a lot of misinformation about shaving oil out there – mostly from people who don’t understand what it’s used for. The best shave oil is a versatile, affordable product that can be used in at least four different ways, including to save your beard from the mistakes that are inevitable when you’re all lathered up and trying to shave the areas around your beard.

The product that deserves recommendation as the best pre-shave oil you’ll ever find also works well as an after-shaving moisturizer, an alternative to shaving cream and more. Keep reading and we’ll explore the four uses for shave oil and recommend a brand that’s much lower in price than some big-name options you may have seen.

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The Four Uses Of Shave Oil

No matter what you think of when you hear the term shave oil, you’re probably right. The term is used in at least four different ways, and none is more correct than the others. Here are four ways you can use shave oil to look and feel better:

As a treatment before shaving. When used as a pre-shave oil, the best shaving oil is used before a cream product to provide lubrication and help soften your facial hair so it cuts more easily.

Instead of shaving cream. When used instead of shaving cream, the best oil to shave with will do the same job as the cream by allowing the razor to glide along your face easily. You may be able to use this type of lubricant when shaving with certain types of electric razors.

So you can see where you’re shaving. If you have a beard, moustache or any other kind of facial hair, the best shave oil substitutes for cream and lets you see where you’re cutting so you can maintain sharper lines and avoid accidentally cutting off hair you want to keep.

As a post-shave moisturizer. While after-shaving colognes often contain alcohol that stings and makes your face red, shave oil can be applied after shaving instead of a moisturizer to make your face feel smooth and soft. For this purpose, only a drop or two is usually plenty.

A shave oil must perform all these purposes equally well to deserve recommendation.

A Little More On Sculpted Beards

If you’re trying to maintain a carefully sculpted beard with sharp neck and cheek line, traditional shaving creams cover up your face with heavy foam that makes seeing where you’re shaving impossible.

You could change to dry shaving around your beard, which works well with many hair types. Instead, you could change to softening your beard with a shaving oil that allows you to see what you’re doing while leaving your face soft and moisturized.

Either way works fine for lots of guys, but if you’re going to use an oil, you need one that’s not too heavy, not strongly scented and doesn’t contain any harsh or stinging chemicals.

The Best Shave Oil For Quality And Versatility

Alonzo’s Sensational Shave, available from this Amazon affiliate link, is an affordable and practical product that works without any preservatives, artificial colors or chemicals that will leave your face feeling irritated. It’s made with a blend of natural nut, kernel and seed oils.

This product contains vitamins and minerals that help nourish your skin as the oils do their job to lubricate it. When you rub it into your face and neck, you’ll feel the softness. It’s even great as a post-shave oil for guys who trim with a stubble trimmer and need to moisturize afterward.

Because this is a sturdy oil, only 3 or 4 drops may be enough for lubrication. If you use much more than that before shaving, you may find that the hairs you cut away won’t clear the razor very well and the space between the blades will begin to clog.

The list of oils in this blend is proprietary, meaning the company won’t say exactly which ones are included. That’s understandable since it doesn’t want you to make this stuff at home and cheat them out of their profit, but I’d prefer to know exactly what oils are included. It’s a small point, however, because I don’t have any reason to care about the exact blend.

When compared to similar products from other brands, you’ll see that Alonzo’s Sensational Shave comes in a larger bottle for a lower price, giving you value as well as quality for your money. When you consider the low price along with its positive characteristics, it’s easy to see why it’s recommended as the best shave oil you can find by many websites and publications.

Closing Thoughts

You deserve something better than shaving cream, and you need something better to shave with than the oils you may find at local drugstores. Since shaving or trimming around your beard is something you must do frequently, you want the right products and tools so that it’s a always pleasure instead of a chore. Above all, of course, you want excellent results so you look and feel your best.

With inferior oils, you can expect bumps, uneven cutting and greasiness. When you choose the best shave oil for overall quality, value and results, you can use it to lubricate before and after a shave, in place of shaving cream and to make it easy to see what you’re doing as you shave around your beard. Click here to see the price of the best shaving oil…