Shave Oil: See Where You’re Shaving And Save Your Beard

There’s a big problem with maintaining a sculpted beard with a defined cheek line and neck line: If you use traditional shaving cream to shave the areas of your face where you don’t want your beard, you can’t see what you’re doing.

There are two things you can do to solve this problem: Dry shave with a good quality trimmer or shave with shaving oil that softens your beard and conditions your skin without putting a mess of foam on your face that you can’t see through.

Both methods work well, actually, but for the oil method to work for you, you need the best product you can get. I have a suggestion.

The Best Shave Oil Available

People shave with all kinds of oils from all sorts of sources, and there are many things that work to get an acceptable shave. Almost anything is better than shaving foam, it seems.

the best shave oil I've found
the best shave oil I’ve found

In any case, the best one I’ve found is The Gentlemens Refinery Pre Shave Oil — available from Amazon.

There’s some confusion online about the term pre-shave oil. Some people think it refers to a product that’s used before applying shaving cream as a moisturizer. Others think the term means something to apply before you shave in place of a cream or foam. Actually, you can use this and other similar products either way. It’s a skin conditioner, moisturizer and beard softener that goes down deep to leave your skin hydrated and supple instead of dry and lifeless.

This is especially important if you’re using it to shave the areas around a beard. Those of us with beards are notorious for not taking care of the skin under and around then, and a shaving oil can help you keep the skin around your beard soft and kissable.

I recommend this oil because it’s proven to work well without clogging pores, leaving too much of an oily residue or smelling funky like some competing products do.

Just about any oil will give you a better shave than foam, but why not choose one that’s formulated specifically for this purpose by people who’ve spent time, energy and money developing the best possible combination of substances for the male face?

Perhaps the best thing about this oil product is that it allows for a closer shave than traditional creams. The oil allows the blade to glide across your face without pulls, catches or tugging, and that means every hair is cut closely and evenly. And that means fewer bumps and ingrown hairs too.

A quality product like this may at first seem a bit expensive, but when you consider how little of this shaving oil it takes to do the job and how many uses you can get from a single small bottle, you’ll start to see that it’s actually cheaper than all those cans of stuff that doesn’t work all that well.

It’s also more environmentally friendly because there’s less packaging and no pressurized cans to deal with. Oils are compact enough for travel too.

Some Thoughts To Close

The products you find on store shelves have been developed to make maximum profit for the companies that make and sell them, not to provide the best possible shave. People use them because they’re easy to find and work adequately.

But you deserve better.

Some people say that dry shaving with a high-quality beard grooming tool is the better than shaving with a blade, and that’s fine for them.

But if you want to condition your skin while shaving as closely as possible, you need to consider using a shave oil.

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