Best Stubble Trimmer Provides Short, Consistent Cut

The stubble look is here to stay, and that makes sense: Most guys look better with stubble. The problem is maintaining a consistent look.

Some guys shave once or twice a week, giving them a baby face some days and something close to Grizzly Adams before it’s time to shave again, but there’s a better way. The best stubble trimmer would allow you to have scruff of the length you want — every day, and I’ve found one that does that.

But which stubble trimmer is right for you?

I’ve looked done my homework, and I recommend the Conair For Men iStubble Trimmer. Not just a beard trimmer, this device is made specifically for guys who want to maintain their scruff at just the right length. Even better, it comes at a price that’s reasonable enough almost anyone can afford it.

Getting To Know The Best Stubble Trimmer

A quick Internet search reveals plenty of stubble trimmer reviews, but you can read through dozens of articles before you read anything positive. To put it another way, you can read through one stubble shaver review after another and never find a device that’s right for you. Many don’t cut evenly; some don’t cut much at all. A large number of them don’t trim close enough.

Worst of all are the ones that pull out hairs as they try to trim — causing pain, irritation and bumps while giving you an uneven cut.

the best stubble trimmer comes from Conair for Men
the best stubble trimmer comes from Conair for Men

The Conair For Men i-Stubble Trimmer— available from Amazon — works a bit differently from some other stubble trimmers. First, the head floats, allowing it to glide evenly over the contours of your face. And second, the blade itself is contoured, helping it go over the curves of your face better than a fixed, straight trimmer could ever do.

Two other important considerations are power and length settings. You need something that will run powerfully enough and stay on long enough to get the job done. And you need it to adjust to whatever length you want.

The Conair iStubble has a dual battery system that makes it run better than some of those cheap models you may have picked up at a discount store. You won’t have to worry about the motor bogging down or starting to run slower and slower as you trim.

Length is the biggest issue with trimmers, however. If you want a real beard, there are probably better trimmers, but very few on the market adjust down to the length you need to maintain excellent stubble. This model has a motorized system that adjusts the length for you, and an LCD screen that helps you keep up with how you have it set. It works better than any other system I’ve seen for getting you a short but consistent length.

I also like the design of the unit. It fits in my hand better than some shavers or clippers I’ve tried, meaning that I can maintain better control over it. That also helps me get a consistent cut.

There are a couple of things to keep in mind. Men with fine facial hair may not get an even cut from anything. And guys with really thick coverage may not find any cutter that gives them the scruffy look they want. Growing a beard or at least growing longer stubble is better for both of these kinds of men.

Of course, the consistency of the coverage of your facial hair also plays a role in the consistency of the final look. If your growth is uneven, even the best stubble trimmer can’t help you with that.

Final Words

I like this Conair model because it does what it says it does: It trims stubble evenly for more different types of facial hair than any other model I’ve seen. You’d be surprised how many trimmers on the market don’t do scruff very well.

I think it’s a fair deal for the price, especially when you consider all the positive reviews it’s gotten. With so much hype and misinformation on the web, it’s nice to find a product that does what it says it will.

Face it: Most of us look better with stubble, so it’s time to find something that will cut yours the way you want it. For most men, this is the one.

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