Choose A Traditional Beard Dye Or A Beard Coloring Alternative

There’s no doubt about it: Grey in your beard can make you look older. Shaving it off is one alternative, but if you want to keep a youthful look and have your beard too, you’ll have to turn to a beard dye or some other beard coloring alternative. Fortunately, you have options.

There’s nothing wrong with proudly showing the world the gray hairs that you’ve earned, but if covering them up is necessary for work, important to your self-image or just something you want to try, there are two ways you can go about it.

Let’s look at both. Then you can decide for yourself how you want to handle covering the gray in your beard.

A Traditional Beard Dye Approach

If you plan to dye your beard in the traditional way, you’ll need a beard color that matches your natural hair color as closely as possible — and that means you’ll need to choose a product with a range of colors.

You may be hoping for a beard dye review about something fantastic that you’ve never heard of, but the best beard color I’ve found is Just For Men. Just be sure you use one of their products specifically designed for beards — not for head hair. Courser facial hair requires something special.

Just for Men Brush in Color Gel for Mustache & Beard — shown in this Amazon link in brown — is easy to apply in just five minutes, and the color will last for weeks if you don’t wash it too often, although you’ll have to reapply as your hair grows out.

This product works well for most who try it, but there are some downsides. First, it looks bad if you dye your beard and then don’t keep dying the new growth, so you have to check yourself in the mirror at least once a week and make sure you don’t have too much uncolored hair showing. Or you may want to leave some gray to keep from looking like you’re trying too hard, especially if you have some fading color in your head hair.

Also, there’s no denying that the product contains harsh chemicals. Some people find that it burns; others object to the idea of applying chemicals to their face in the first place.

A Beard Coloring Alternative

This beard coloring alternative washes right out for ultimate versatility.

There’s an alternative to harsh dyes. Blackbeard for Men Formula X — also available from Amazon — is a cosmetic product that’s very useful for temporary coverage of gray. It works especially well on only small amounts of silver hair, but it can be used on an entire beard.

It isn’t harsh and won’t burn or damage your skin, but it only lasts one day. Still, it’s a simple product that goes on similar to the stuff that women apply to darken and enhance their eyelashes. Just brush the product onto the gray spots, and you’re good to go all day. It will wash off if exposed to water for a long time — like swimming more than 15 minutes — but it won’t bleed, wipe away with a napkin or stain your skin.

It’s quick and easy to use, and there’s no pain or inflammation like you might get from a chemical dye. The manufacturer recommends that you carry the product with you and touch up the coverage as needed since it may not last more than six to eight hours. Just duck into a bathroom every few hours to see how it’s doing

Blackbeard could get to be a nuisance if you use it every day, I suppose, but it’s a good choice for occasional use by guys who have just a little hair that’s turning grey. Use it for a job interview or date to look younger — or use it when you’re giving a speech or your band is performing. It’s great to use when you’re having photos taken as well.

It works best on shorter beards, but it can be used on slightly fuller ones too. It doesn’t do well on long beards.

This is a great beard coloring alternative for guys who don’t want to cover the gray every day and for those who find dyes too harsh.

A Final Thought

If hiding signs of aging or premature greying are important to you, take your pick: turn to Just for Men, a respected name in hair dye, or choose a cosmetic product that you use every day or only when you need it most.

Either way, you can successfully hold off the visible signs of the process for a few years.

Eventually, however, I hope you enjoy your gray beard and ditch the beard dye. There’s nothing wrong with showing the world that you’ve lived a little.

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