Best Beard Styles For A Round Face: There Are Only Three Good Options

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When trying to decide on the best beard styles for round faces, there are only three that deserve serious consideration. The rest just don’t work very well on round faces – and I don’t know why anyone would suggest otherwise.

Lots of us have faces that can benefit from a bit of enhancement. Women use makeup to trick us into thinking their faces are more attractive than they are. Men use beards.

The Best Beard Styles For Round Faces

The best beard styles for round faces are ones that add character without making your face look fatter or wider. You certainly don’t need that. Consider trying all three of these beard styles for your round face:

1. The long beard.

If you have enough growth and can handle the grooming that’s required to maintain an appealing shape, go for a long beard. When you have enough hair, you can sculpt it to the shape you want it with careful trimming – and you can add to your masculinity and sex appeal too. The idea is to add length to the bottom of your face to stretch it out and make it look less round.

You need to keep your sideburns and the sides of your beard in check to make sure you don’t add any width. When you don’t groom the sides enough, a long beard can become wide enough to make your face look even rounder – and that can make you look fat.

2. The close-cropped, highly sculpted beard.

If you’re looking for the best beard styles for round faces like yours and don’t mind shaving and trimming every day to maintain a carefully groomed look, consider a very short, highly sculpted beard. Make sure you don’t trim too high on your jawline or you’ll make your face look rounder. And don’t cut the cheek line too low either. Keeping the hairs short will keep from adding any bulk or width to your round face too.

Just be careful not to let too much grow on your double chin, if you have one. Having extra beard below the natural chin line looks bad if it bulges out. Also, keep in mind that a beard on a round face changes as you move your head around, so check from all angles and in all positions.

3. The goatee.

The much-maligned goatee isn’t really in style at the moment, but it’s still a great choice. If it looks good on you, what difference does it make if it isn’t in fashion? In fact, it might be the best of the beard styles for round faces overall because it doesn’t add bulk, isn’t too much trouble to care for and it adds an additional focal point to your face. With attention focused around your mouth, the weak jawline and pudgy cheeks that sometimes come with a round face are much less noticeable. And most people find grooming a goatee easier than grooming a full beard.

You can even let your goatee grow a bit long to add some length to your face if you like. A lot of guys look good with a long goatee. And for most guys, going a day or two without shaving when you have a goatee still looks okay. That doesn’t work very well with a sculpted-and-cropped beard.

A Final Word

And here’s another piece of advice if you’re combating a round face: keep your head hair under control too. Long hair doesn’t look good with a round face. If you’re balding, try shaving your head. The reason so many guys have a shaved head with a goatee is that it looks good and is relatively easy to maintain.

If you have plenty of hair on your head, try keeping it cropped close at the sides – even if you have a long beard – to make your head appear narrower and more contoured.

When you take the right actions and invest some time and effort in your appearance, you can make the best of a round face. Remember, there are people who like and are attracted to every kind of body and face – including yours.

When you make an effort, you’ll be surprised how good your round face can look.