Need A Great Sideburn Trimmer? There Are Two Ways To Go

That fact that you’re looking for a good sideburn trimmer means that you know something many guys don’t: Bad sideburns ruin good haircuts, make guys look like they don’t pay attention to details and can turn people off.

If you’re going to have sideburns, you really need to keep them neat and tidy. Otherwise, they detract from your appearance rather than enhance it. But some sideburn trimmers make getting nice, clean lines nearly impossible. What’s the best way to go?

Experience has proven to me that there are two ways to go if you want the best sideburn trimmer: either get something cheap and simple to do the job or invest in a tool that you can use for years, no matter what facial hair styles you try. You can’t go wrong either way if you choose a good product, but there are obvious advantages to choosing a versatile trimmer that can carry you through a variety of facial hair trends and choices.

Here’s some information about both approaches that you can use to make the best possible decision.

A Simple And Cheap Sideburn Trimmer

a nice little sideburn trimmer

There lots of cheap trimmers on the market, but most aren’t worth the money. If you want something inexpensive and hassle-free to maintain your sidies, grab a Remington PG165 Battery Operated Precision Grooming System — available from Amazon. It gets the job done without a lot of fuss.

Even better, it can handle eyebrows, ears and other stray hairs you need to clean up. It certainly isn’t what you need if you want to maintain a goatee or a full beard, but it can handle most sideburns just fine. It isn’t a rechargeable model and instead uses two AAA batteries. (You can use rechargeable AAA batteries, however.) There’s also a clip-on comb to help you control the length of your sideburn hair and a shield that goes over the blade when the unit is not in use to protect it. The attachments are washable too.

If you want to get the job done and don’t think you’ll ever have a beard, goatee, mustache or other facial hair style that you want to tame, go for this little unit. It’s also great if your budget is severely limited at the moment. You can’t beat this device for economy.

A Better Approach That Will Last For Years

Are you ever planning to have some other kind of facial hair in the future? If so, buying something more powerful that you can use for years and through many different styles might be a better idea.

The Philips Norelco Bodygroomer BG2040/49 — also available from Amazon — can take care of just about every hair-related task you’ll ever want to perform.

It’s a sturdy unit with all sorts of settings and is great for manscaping too. It has a beard and mustache trimmer on one end and a floating-head shaver on the other for grooming your whole body. And since it can last up 50 minutes on a charge, you’ll have plenty of time to deal with every hair on your head and elsewhere too.

The Multigroom has a good warranty, and many users report that these models lasting for years if they’re kept clean and oiled. Unless you plan to have only sideburns and never any other kind of facial hair, this well-regarded device with a solid warranty could be just the thing for you.

Final Thoughts

No matter which way you go, you’re making the right choice to take care of yourself and your facial hair. Potential employers and your spouse or potential spouse will thank you for being conscientious. And many of the people you meet on a daily basis will respect you for taking care of yourself well.

There’s no doubt that the Remington PG165 Battery Operated Precision Grooming System is your least expensive option, but when you go with the Philips Norelco Bodygroomer BG2040/49, you’re going with long-lasting quality for all your grooming needs for years to come.

So which is it for you?

Click here to get details and a price for the Philips Norelco model on Amazon now. Prefer the Remington trimmer? It’s there too.