Shave Oil: See Where You’re Shaving And Save Your Beard

There’s a big problem with maintaining a sculpted beard with a defined cheek line and neck line: If you use traditional shaving cream to shave the areas of your face where you don’t want your beard, you can’t see what you’re doing.

There are two things you can do to solve this problem: Dry shave with a good quality trimmer or shave with shaving oil that softens your beard and conditions your skin without putting a mess of foam on your face that you can’t see through.

Both methods work well, actually, but for the oil method to work for you, you need the best product you can get. I have a suggestion.

The Best Shave Oil Available

People shave with all kinds of oils from all sorts of sources, and there are many things that work to get an acceptable shave. Almost anything is better than shaving foam, it seems.

the best shave oil I've found
the best shave oil I’ve found

In any case, the best one I’ve found is The Gentlemens Refinery Pre Shave Oil — available from Amazon.

There’s some confusion online about the term pre-shave oil. Some people think it refers to a product that’s used before applying shaving cream as a moisturizer. Others think the term means something to apply before you shave in place of a cream or foam. Actually, you can use this and other similar products either way. It’s a skin conditioner, moisturizer and beard softener that goes down deep to leave your skin hydrated and supple instead of dry and lifeless.

This is especially important if you’re using it to shave the areas around a beard. Those of us with beards are notorious for not taking care of the skin under and around then, and a shaving oil can help you keep the skin around your beard soft and kissable.

I recommend this oil because it’s proven to work well without clogging pores, leaving too much of an oily residue or smelling funky like some competing products do.

Just about any oil will give you a better shave than foam, but why not choose one that’s formulated specifically for this purpose by people who’ve spent time, energy and money developing the best possible combination of substances for the male face?

Perhaps the best thing about this oil product is that it allows for a closer shave than traditional creams. The oil allows the blade to glide across your face without pulls, catches or tugging, and that means every hair is cut closely and evenly. And that means fewer bumps and ingrown hairs too.

A quality product like this may at first seem a bit expensive, but when you consider how little of this shaving oil it takes to do the job and how many uses you can get from a single small bottle, you’ll start to see that it’s actually cheaper than all those cans of stuff that doesn’t work all that well.

It’s also more environmentally friendly because there’s less packaging and no pressurized cans to deal with. Oils are compact enough for travel too.

Some Thoughts To Close

The products you find on store shelves have been developed to make maximum profit for the companies that make and sell them, not to provide the best possible shave. People use them because they’re easy to find and work adequately.

But you deserve better.

Some people say that dry shaving with a high-quality beard grooming tool is the better than shaving with a blade, and that’s fine for them.

But if you want to condition your skin while shaving as closely as possible, you need to consider using a shave oil.

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Choose Great Hair Clippers For Men When You Want To Cut Your Own Hair

Hair clippers for men are a great investment. If you’re like a lot of guys, you’ll eventually figure out that getting your hair cut at a salon when you really just want it short and neat is a waste of money and time. Since you’re probably trimming your facial hair yourself anyway, you might as well cut your own hair.

While you could pick up a pair of clippers at a discount store, when you want to do the job yourself and do it well you need a tool specifically designed for the purpose.

The ideal hair clippers for men who want to cut their own hair are cordless, fully adjustable and very powerful. As it turns out, Philips Norelco makes just the thing. Let me tell you about them.

Philips Norelco Hair Clippers Review

unique hair clippers for men who want to give themselves a good haircut
unique hair clippers for men who want to give themselves a good haircut

When trimming every hair perfectly matters, the best choice is the Philips Norelco QC5570/40 Do-It-Yourself Hair Clipper Plus — available from Amazon.

You can tell by looking that these hair clippers are a step up from other models, which all seem to look alike. This trimmer is something really different. It has a completely adjustable 180-degree rotating head that makes cutting your own hair simpler than it is with those unwieldy clippers designed to make it easy for someone else to cut your hair for you.

That rotating head means you don’t have to contort your arms into weird positions to cut every surface of your head evenly and precisely. It means you won’t miss a spot anymore either. The extra-wide cutting width is a nice bonus because it allows you to get more hair with every pass, too, saving you time and hassles too. There is also a precision trimmer for getting around ears and sideburns easily.

Even better, these hair clippers for men don’t have a cord to get in the way but still work as well as corded models. That’s because of the powerful lithium-ion battery that lasts an hour or more on a single charge. That would never have been possible with older battery types.

A nice upgrade to this model over other models is that these clippers are now fully washable, so you can keep them clean without any hassles. Just run some water over the blades and the combs. You never have to lubricate anything or perform any other maintenance tasks.

A couple of other features stand out: First, the blades and blade guards are skin-friendly, so you’re less likely to get scratches and cuts than you are with less advanced clippers. They follow the contours of your head instead of trying to cut straight over areas that are uneven.

And second, the length of the cut can be adjusted to 13 different settings, making it easy to get exactly the right length for your hair.

Final Thoughts

I’ve been cutting my own hair for years, and it really isn’t that hard to look really good. Plus, you can touch it up anytime — and tidying up the neckline or around your ears is never a problem. I used to never be able to find a salon that could get my hair even, but with only a little practice I can now always do a great job because I know my own hair better than anyone.

And I learned all of that before I learned about these special clippers made for men who want to cut their own hair. Hair clippers for men who want to cut their own hair make looking good, saving money and eliminating hassles from your life really easy.

If it’s time to start cutting your own hair or its time to move up to some powerful cordless clippers that are made especially for the job, try these Philips Norelco hair clippers. You’ll find that this product works better than anything else you’ve tried.

The best price for these hair clippers and the best selection of similar products is at Amazon. Click here to explore your options in men’s grooming equipment.

Sturdy Wahl Beard Trimmer Is So Much Better Than Cheap Plastic Ones

Have you noticed how cheap and light most beard trimmers on the market are? That’s not the case with the sturdy Wahl beard trimmer. It’s like many of the models from other brands aren’t meant to last — or that none of them are meant to be used by real guys who need something powerful and that cuts well to keep their beards looking great.

To put it another way, when you’re serious about having a beard, you need a serious tool to maintain it — and that can be hard to find.

There’s a sturdy Wahl beard trimmer on the market, however, that looks, feels and cuts like a professional-quality tool. It’s a smart choice if you want something substantial to help you maintain perfect facial hair now and for a long time to come.

The Wahl Beard Trimmer Review For Serious Beard Growers

Wahl has been a respected name in clippers and trimmers for decades, but like other brands, they make a lot of cheap models designed to be sold in discount stores. And those just aren’t worth having. But there’s sturdy and serious Wahl beard trimmer that deserves your consideration.

A serious beard trimmer for serious guys.
A serious beard trimmer for serious guys.

The Wahl 9864 Slate Stainless Steel Trimmer — available from Amazon — is made in America and feels like a tool, not a toy. For thousands of men, it’s already proven a reliable device for home and travel use.

This is truly a quality product that features real craftsmanship. It has a stainless-steel body and sharp, rust-resistant stainless-steel blades too. Sharp blades mean fewer ingrown hairs, fewer stray hairs that don’t get cut and a better-looking beard.

And because the blades are thin, you can get accurate lines and tapering. It may do just as well as a talented barber, and it’s sure to do better than anything else you’ve tried. Adjustable blade guides give you plenty of choices on length — and you’ll soon find one that’s perfect for you.

The only problem with this Wahl beard trimmer that I can see is that it can’t be used while it’s charging, but the one-minute quick charge feature is a nice addition to this beard trimmer. And with a modern lithium-ion battery, a single full charge provides more than enough time for even a perfectionist like me to groom my beard closely and accurately. In fact, you can get up to three hours from a charge in most cases.

And I’m not the only reviewer who’s noticed how much quieter this unit is than some others I’ve tried. The solid construction means less vibration and more interior padding to reduce noise, I’m sure.

Final Thoughts

Isn’t it nice when you find a well-made product? Everything on the market today seems designed to use for a few weeks or months and throw away. But the Wahl 9864 Lithium Ion Stainless Steel All-in-one Groomer is made to last. Even better for those who are especially patriotic, it’s made in America (although some of its combs and attachments may not be).

Still better yet than how well it’s made and where it’s made, however, is one simple fact: It works better than just about anything else on the market.

Guys who take being bearded seriously need a good tool to maintain their facial hair. This Wahl model is the best you can get from a name that’s synonymous with great trimmers.

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Build The Best Male Grooming Kit From These Products

A male grooming kit involves many different things, depending on how you look at it — and what grooming means to you. Complete grooming involves more than just keeping your beard looking good. It’s about the little tasks that careful men like you do to keep yourself looking and feeling great. This includes conditioning your hair, maintaining our beard and body hair and trimming and shaping your nails, among other things. It can even involve skin care.

There’s no such thing as a truly complete male grooming kit in one package since good grooming involves so many things. But you can put together everything you need — or everything the man in your life needs — with very little effort.

Gathering Your Lotions And Potions

Whether you readily admit it or not, messing around with lotions and potions designed to make your skin and hair look and feel better is sort of fun. And if you’re reading this site, you must enjoy taking care of your beard and the skin around it. Just about any soap and skin conditioner is fine for most guys, but conditioning your beard requires something special, especially if you want it to grow long and soft. Elsewhere on this site, there’s an article about the best beard conditioner on the market and how you can use it to maintain the best beard ever.

Whether you’re going through a shaving phase or just shaving around your beard, you’ll also want to acquire the best shaving oil you can find, and there’s also an article on this site that explains the top choice.

With those two things ordered, you’re well on your way to a complete male grooming kit.

A Great All-In-One Groomer

Every man — whether you have a beard or just enjoy some stubble now and then — needs an all-in-one groomer, especially if you manscape. The Philips Norelco QG3380/42 Multigroom Pro — a great overall beard groomer and a complete body groomer that I evaluate in another article on this site — is a great machine to include in your complete kit.

With a fun design and lots of tools to handle every kind of male grooming task, it will serve you well for years. And it’s a quality product, so you could be using it for years without any trouble. You may not manscape all the time and you may choose to let your beard grow wild from time to time, but when it’s time for a change or you want to bring things under control for a while, an all-in-one groomer like the Multigroom Pro is something you’ll definitely want to have around, so it should be part of your complete male grooming kit.

To Complete Your Male Grooming Kit…

a great men's grooming set
a great men’s grooming set

To round out your male grooming kit, you need more than just some clippers for your fingernails. Feel better about yourself and take care of all those remaining grooming tasks that separate the men from the boys with the Perry Ellis Men’s 10 Piece Grooming Set — available from Amazon. It has both fingernail clippers and toenail clippers, and it contains eight other essential tools in a zippered carrying case that keeps everything in its place.

Also included are these useful things, most made from durable and long-lasting stainless steel:

  • A lint brush
  • A black plastic comb for either your hair or beard
  • A three-way knife
  • A cuticle pusher to keep nails looking manicured
  • Tweezers for those stray hairs around your nose and ears
  • Scissors to clean up over your ears or get strays from your beard
  • An eyeglass repair kit with the screws you need for a quick repair of any brand

Not only are sets like this really useful and really great to take on the road with you, they make you feel better about yourself because they allow you to be prepared for every grooming situation and always look your best. These tools can also keep you from having to pull out a beard trimmer or get a manicure when you just need a little touch up. You can keep those unruly eyebrows in order too.

When you get the right products for your face and beard, choose a good grooming device that will keep your whole body looking great and get a male grooming kit that includes everything else you need to keep your hair, nails and more looking and feeling great, you have everything you need for a complete male grooming kit.

It may not all come in one package, but it all makes sense if you want to live your best life and always look and feel great.

Click here to see the very affordable price of the Perris Ellis grooming set at Amazon. It just the thing to get your complete male grooming kit started.

Choose A Traditional Beard Dye Or A Beard Coloring Alternative

There’s no doubt about it: Grey in your beard can make you look older. Shaving it off is one alternative, but if you want to keep a youthful look and have your beard too, you’ll have to turn to a beard dye or some other beard coloring alternative. Fortunately, you have options.

There’s nothing wrong with proudly showing the world the gray hairs that you’ve earned, but if covering them up is necessary for work, important to your self-image or just something you want to try, there are two ways you can go about it.

Let’s look at both. Then you can decide for yourself how you want to handle covering the gray in your beard.

A Traditional Beard Dye Approach

If you plan to dye your beard in the traditional way, you’ll need a beard color that matches your natural hair color as closely as possible — and that means you’ll need to choose a product with a range of colors.

You may be hoping for a beard dye review about something fantastic that you’ve never heard of, but the best beard color I’ve found is Just For Men. Just be sure you use one of their products specifically designed for beards — not for head hair. Courser facial hair requires something special.

Just for Men Brush in Color Gel for Mustache & Beard — shown in this Amazon link in brown — is easy to apply in just five minutes, and the color will last for weeks if you don’t wash it too often, although you’ll have to reapply as your hair grows out.

This product works well for most who try it, but there are some downsides. First, it looks bad if you dye your beard and then don’t keep dying the new growth, so you have to check yourself in the mirror at least once a week and make sure you don’t have too much uncolored hair showing. Or you may want to leave some gray to keep from looking like you’re trying too hard, especially if you have some fading color in your head hair.

Also, there’s no denying that the product contains harsh chemicals. Some people find that it burns; others object to the idea of applying chemicals to their face in the first place.

A Beard Coloring Alternative

a great beard coloring alternative that washes right out
a great beard coloring alternative that washes right out

There’s an alternative to harsh dyes. Blackbeard for Men — also available from Amazon — is a cosmetic product that’s very useful for temporary coverage of gray. It works especially well on only small amounts of silver hair, but it can be used on an entire beard.

It isn’t harsh and won’t burn or damage your skin, but it only lasts one day. Still, it’s a simple product that goes on similar to the stuff that women apply to darken and enhance their eyelashes. Just brush the product onto the gray spots, and you’re good to go all day. It will wash off if exposed to water for a long time — like swimming more than 15 minutes — but it won’t bleed, wipe away with a napkin or stain your skin.

It’s quick and easy to use, and there’s no pain or inflammation like you might get from a chemical dye. The manufacturer recommends that you carry the product with you and touch up the coverage as needed since it may not last more than six to eight hours. Just duck into a bathroom every few hours to see how it’s doing

Blackbeard could get to be a nuisance if you use it every day, I suppose, but it’s a good choice for occasional use by guys who have just a little hair that’s turning grey. Use it for a job interview or date to look younger — or use it when you’re giving a speech or your band is performing. It’s great to use when you’re having photos taken as well.

It works best on shorter beards, but it can be used on slightly fuller ones too. It doesn’t do well on long beards.

This is a great beard coloring alternative for guys who don’t want to cover the gray every day and for those who find dyes too harsh.

A Final Thought

If hiding signs of aging or premature greying are important to you, take your pick: turn to Just for Men, a respected name in hair dye, or choose a cosmetic product that you use every day or only when you need it most.

Either way, you can successfully hold off the visible signs of the process for a few years.

Eventually, however, I hope you enjoy your gray beard and ditch the beard dye. There’s nothing wrong with showing the world that you’ve lived a little.

Click here to learn more about Blackbeard For Men, a cosmetic product that will make you look younger. Amazon has a great price.

Need A Great Sideburn Trimmer? There Are Two Ways To Go

That fact that you’re looking for a good sideburn trimmer means that you know something many guys don’t: Bad sideburns ruin good haircuts, make guys look like they don’t pay attention to details and can turn people off.

If you’re going to have sideburns, you really need to keep them neat and tidy. Otherwise, they detract from your appearance rather than enhance it. But some sideburn trimmers make getting nice, clean lines nearly impossible. What’s the best way to go?

Experience has proven to me that there are two ways to go if you want the best sideburn trimmer: either get something cheap and simple to do the job or invest in a tool that you can use for years, no matter what facial hair styles you try. You can’t go wrong either way if you choose a good product, but there are obvious advantages to choosing a versatile trimmer that can carry you through a variety of facial hair trends and choices.

Here’s some information about both approaches that you can use to make the best possible decision.

A Simple And Cheap Sideburn Trimmer

a nice little sideburn trimmer

There lots of cheap trimmers on the market, but most aren’t worth the money. If you want something inexpensive and hassle-free to maintain your sidies, grab a Remington Pg165 Battery Operated Adjustable Detail Trimmer — available from Amazon. It gets the job done without a lot of fuss.

Even better, it can handle eyebrows, ears and other stray hairs you need to clean up. It certainly isn’t what you need if you want to maintain a goatee or a full beard, but it can handle most sideburns just fine. It isn’t a rechargeable model and instead uses two AAA batteries. (You can use rechargeable AAA batteries, however.) There’s also a clip-on comb to help you control the length of your sideburn hair and a shield that goes over the blade when the unit is not in use to protect it. The attachments are washable too.

If you want to get the job done and don’t think you’ll ever have a beard, goatee, mustache or other facial hair style that you want to tame, go for this little unit. It’s also great if your budget is severely limited at the moment. You can’t beat this device for economy.

A Better Approach That Will Last For Years

Are you ever planning to have some other kind of facial hair in the future? If so, buying something more powerful that you can use for years and through many different styles might be a better idea.

The Philips Norelco QG3280/42 Multigroom Pro — also available from Amazon — can take care of just about every hair-related task you’ll ever want to perform.

It’s a sturdy unit with all sorts of attachments and is great for manscaping too. There’s a body trimming comb, a detailer, an ear and nose hair trimmer and a beard and mustache trimmer attachment among its many bits and pieces. With its strong lithium-ion battery, it can last through a full-body grooming session with no problem.

The Multigroom has a two-year warranty, but many users report these models lasting for many years if they’re kept clean and oiled. Unless you plan to have only sideburns and never any other kind of facial hair, this well-regarded device with a solid warranty could be just the thing for you.

Final Thoughts

No matter which way you go, you’re making the right choice to take care of yourself and your facial hair. Potential employers and your spouse or potential spouse will thank you for being conscientious. And many of the people you meet on a daily basis will respect you for taking care of yourself well.

There’s no doubt that the Remington PG165 Battery Operated Adjustable Detail Trimmer is your least expensive option, but when you go with the Philips Norelco QG3280/42 Multigroom Pro, you’re going with long-lasting quality.

So which is it for you?

Click here to get details and a price for the Philips Norelco model on Amazon now. Prefer the Remington trimmer? It’s there too.

Best Goatee Trimmer Allows For Dry Shaving Perfect Lines

There’s a trick to a perfect goatee that a lot of guys haven’t learned yet: dry shaving. It sounds unpleasant, but the right goatee trimmer makes dry shaving perfect lines around your goatee easy and pain-free — and you can get just as close a shave as if you used a razor and shaving cream.

The trick is to use the right trimmer.

The best goatee trimmer I’ve found is much more than that. It’s a complete fader, detailer, shaver and trimmer, so your personal facial hair style will always look great — even if you change things up as often as I do.

A goatee is my least favorite style to maintain because I can never get clean lines. If I can get the sides right, I can still never get it right under my chin. Shaving with a razor doesn’t work because I can never see what I’m doing. Trimming with most trimmers doesn’t work for this either because they don’t get close enough.

Then I found this Andis trimmer, and I’m starting to enjoy trimming down to a goatee sometimes.

The Andis Goatee Trimmer Review

As I said, calling this handy, lightweight unit a goatee trimmer doesn’t really do it justice. The Andis Professional 04603 Outliner II Personal Trimmer — available from Amazon — is a great choice for you no matter what kind of facial hair style you like. And if you shave your head, it can handle that for you too.

a goatee trimmer and so much more
a goatee trimmer and so much more

What it does is called dry shaving. That is, it cuts so close around your goatee or other facial hair choice that it’s just as close as a razor shave. It can do that because it has very sharp, close-cutting blades designed for just this purpose.

As a bonus, it’s also a smart choice for manscaping on the rest of your body, including those really sensitive areas that you don’t mention in public. It can handle those without nicks and cuts like you would get from a razor but with a much closer, smoother feel and appearance than other trimmers give you.

In addition, this Andis trimmer a sleek and lightweight unit, so you can carry it with you when you travel — and your hand won’t get tired or cramped up when you use it for more than just goatee shaping.

If you’ve ever had your goatee trimmed well at a barber shop or salon — or had your hair faded at the edges — you’ve probably had one of these Andis models used on you. They’re popular with professionals because of their long history of dependability and their ability to cut very close.

A Few More Tips About Goatee Trimming

If you want the perfect goatee with a sharp outline, you have to dry shave around the goatee area instead of trying to shave blind with cream all over the place. Any trimmer can knock back the length to your desired number of millimeters — or inches — but most can’t cut a clean line that’s straight, smooth and sharp.

In fact, you may be able to forget the cream altogether. And forget your electric shaver too. Just do your whole face with this Andis trimmer and handle everything at once. For many guys, this single device is all you need.

For close cutting, dependability and sharp lines, the Andis Professional 04603 Outliner II Personal Trimmer is now the only model I recommend. That’s why it’s the best goatee trimmer for guys like me who insist on having a perfect goatee if I’m going to have one at all.

Click here to see the Amazon price on this Andis trimmer. With the best prices I’ve found and quick delivery, Amazon is where I buy all my men’s grooming tools and products.